Monday, March 03, 2008


Today, I helped a friend brew a roggenbier. This is a new style for me so I was not sure what to expect from rye, as this was the first time I had worked with it. Everything went well, except at run-off. There was a small problem as "my makeshift" false bottom ended up not being very secure which allowed some grain to get underneath and eventually into the run-off valve. That caused some problems and really slowed down the run-off process. Eventually, enough was collected and we turned to the boil and the first hop additions (Liberty). I had to leave mid-boil as I had already made other plans, so I will update you later on how the rest of the brew day went. The beer had the correct color and aroma, and now it is up to the fermentation gods!

Recipe will be up soon.

Sounds like we collected about 5 1/2 gallons of collected wort and at end boil we had 5g. O.G. was 1.040 we were shooting for 1.044. Now fermentation is going well and will update once we get to taste.

Funny brewday story, DO NOT try to use a trashbag to empty your grains into. We did and the bag "popped"! We had grains all over the ground, HAHAHA! Yeah, it looked like...

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