Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hump Day Brew Day!

I have the today and I will celebrate by going on a 2 hr bike ride followed by a 30' run, followed by a Brew session. Which will most likely end with a nice long nap.

I will be brewing a robust porter (I love Porters). Here is the recipe:
4 gallons - OG:1.054 IBU:46 ABV:5.2

6.2# 2-row
1.6# munich 10L
6oz crystal 40L
4oz crystal 60L
5oz chocolate malt
4oz black patent
2oz roast barley 500L

12 IBU's Nugget (60)
1/2oz East Kent Golding (15)
1/2oz East Kent Golding (0)

White Labs - Premium Bitter

Mash 154 for 50', mash out 168. Boil 90'. Ferment 68F

1 comment:

The Bearded Brewer said...

I'll be curious to see how this turns out. I love porters too and that looks like a good porter recipe.