Monday, March 17, 2008

The Brew Crew - Monday Night Brewery

What is the Brew Crew?
The Brew Crew is a celebration of the 1st and 21st Amendments of the United States. The right to "free speech" and to "Homebrew". The Brew Crew is a legion of extract, partial mash, and all -grain brewers who blog funny, witty and serious posts on a daily and not so daily basis. I will be asking these brewers a series of questions and posting their answers on a weekly basis.

This time on St. Patrick's Day we befittingly pass the mash paddle to Atlanta, Georgia where a group of southern dudes are on an arduous quest to start up their own brewery. They always invite all their friends over and brew on monday night. They call themselves Monday Night Brewery. Recently, they just had their 1st brew haha. You can read more about it at

1) Why did you start brewing?
I was in a bible study with a bunch of guys. We wanted a way to get to know each other and connect outside of bible study, and we all liked beer, so it was a no-brainer. We obviously had to BREW beer... From There, three of us really started to enjoy it and it got way more serious than just hanging out.

2) When did you start blogging?
January 2007

3) What is your favorite recipe/style to brew?
Our Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale. It's a great beer and I love how challenging it is to get right. It's very sensitive to temperature and attenuation, but once that peaty, smoky flavor comes through it's all worth it.

4) What is your favorite technique to use?
One thing we like to do is to start to heat up the wort as we're sparging so that towards the end of the sparge we're already over 200 degrees. It makes it so much easier to get the boil going quickly.

5) What technique do you want to learn next?
More temperature control stuff during fermentation.

6) Do you brew self-sustainable?
Not yet, but we bought a bunch of organic ingredients and we've been growing our own hops for two years now.

7) What is your favorite blog to read?
Travis over at I just love how ignorant he is about everything and how he tries to totally slam us, but it always blows up in his face.

8) Are you a member of a brewing club?

9) What is your favorite brewery?
Dogfish Head Brewery

10) Do you want to turn pro?
Oh, most definitely. And we're planning on it.

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