Sunday, March 29, 2009

1930 German brewing film

Here is a film showing you how to brew the 1930 German way...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tis' the season...

Yesterday, I planted 2 hop rhizomes and 3 different types of chili's. If you look closely you will see shoots (white roots) starting to already appear. These rhizomes seem to be healthy, we shall see if I can manage to destroy them. I was told that these do not grow well in San Diego, but these are perfect for cal commons and kolsch style beers.

Hop rhizomes, Perle (L) Sterling (R)

Perle rhizome
Sterling rhizome

Also, I planted a variety of green chili's (mostlyNew Mexico variety). They are similar to Big Jim's, but are much tastier.

There about 60 of these

Friday, March 27, 2009

Update: finally...

There has been a lot happening this month with work and of'course beer! Let's just move on to beer. In the next few days I will be talking about:

  • The guest brew @ Turtle Mt. Brewing Co.
  • Homebrew & commercial brew @ my friends wedding
  • Stone brewing & a homebrewing collaboration
  • Stone brewing @ our homebrew club meeting
  • Planting hop rhizomes & chilies

Tonight will be the first posting as I hope to catch up on all my news.

Fermentation Friday-March

“How will you grow or change as a homebrewer this Spring? How will you embrace your Spring fever and channel it toward your homebrewing endeavors?”

Planting hop rhizomes, kegging and brewing with the season. I jsut planted some hop rhizomes, which I hope translates to a couple fresh hop beers. I can now keg my beers, which I look forwarde to, I so HATE bottling! I will try and brew with the season Example: A true marzen brewed now and lagered until october, lighter beers in the summer, heavy high alcohol beers in the winter.

Also, with the nicer weather & longer days I hope to have a few outside brews this spring/summer that are conjoined with bar-b-q's with friends.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Traveling and guest brewing

This weekend I will be traveling back home to visit the family, which always means stopping in my favorite brewery back home, Turtle Mt. brewing. On monday I will be helping them brew two brews, an Irish stout and a black IPA! Helping meaning doing the grunt work (milling 50lb grain sacks, graining out, but I do get free beer!!! Sweet...

Pics and brew day will come soon after.