Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Brew Crew - Dr. Dougs Homebrew

What is the Brew Crew?
The Brew Crew is a celebration of the 1st & 21st amendments of the United States. The right to "free speech" and "to homebrew". The Brew Crew is a legion of extract, partial mash, and all-grain brewers who blog funny, witty and serious posts on a daily and not so daily basis. I will be asking these brewers a series of questions and postinig their answers on a weekly basis.

This week we go to the west coast and visit "oldschool" Dr. Doug in California. He seems to be a proud brewer preserving old styles and has high hopes for his hop garden. Although, he answered his questions quickly I am not sure that he is posting anymore.

Cheers and Welcome to the Brew Crew Dr. Doug!
We hope to hear more of your large hop garden.

1) When/Why did you start homebrewing?
Spring of 07', because I like good beer

2) When/Why did you start blogging?
17 October, to share my experiences

3) What is your favorite recipe/style to brew?
Irish Red Ale

4) What is your favorite brewing technique to use?
Brewing all-grain

5) What is your favorite brewing equipment to use?
My homemade Mash/Lauder tun with sparge arm

6) What brewing technique do you want to learn next?
Not sure what else there is

7) Do you brew self sustainable or organically?
I am planting 23 Organic Hop rhizomes this year

8) What is your favorite blog to read?
I have not found many

9) Are you a member of a brewing club or American HomeBrewing Association?
Not yet

10) What is your favorite brewery(s)?
St. James Gate, Dublin Ireland; Dr. Dougs homebrew

11) Do you want to turn pro or have you worked in a brewery?
I have thought about a brewpub.

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