Friday, March 21, 2008

Dirty Brown

Here is my version of an american brown ale I made at the end of 07'. I wanted it to be more chocolaty flavor, but it was more caramel and very hoppy. Today, I have many things to get done, and one of them is finally bottling two batches of: Oatmeal stout and Porter. Pics will be posted later today.
UPDATE: The American Brown Ale was surprisingly delicious. The beer had french oak chips in it for the last week in secondary. The aroma has a pungent hop smell, with some malt after notes. The taste initially has a musty, earthiness to it most likely from the french oak. There is also a caramel taste w/a faint chocolate taste. Finally, there is a serious hop kick at the end. Although it has a very interesting taste to it now, I think it would be better after it ages. The bottling session of two beers took 3 hours, but well worth it as the beers promise to be very delicious.

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