Friday, March 07, 2008

My Mistress

Ahhh, the aroma of brew-day is so authentic, rich, and delicious it's (part of) why I homebrew. Ohh, homebrew you are my mistress!
**Beware: camera man is drunk! Not really, being sober is the problem.

Exodus Porter during Hot Break
The Exodus Porter brewday was as smooth as Bob Marley's jams playing in the background. There were no major problems to speak of. I was just above the original gravity of 1.054, I hit 1.056. And, my unique (actually ghetto) aeration method always wears me out, but I swear by it. It's cheap, no extra quipment is needed, and you get a work out in for the day. (I will explain it another time) I had krausen within 12 hours and the beer is fermenting well today. The temperature is stable, this always comes back to bite me in the a*#!

"Conked Out Oatmeal Stout"
(in primary)

Also, wednesday I racked my "Conked Out Oatmeal Stout" to the secondary. Although there were many problems with that beer, the fermentation went extremly well. In about 2 weeks it will get bottled, 1/2 with priming sugar and 1/2 with molasses. I plan to do the same with the porter.

Have a great weekend.

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