Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Brew Crew - Beer Bits 2

What is the Brew Crew?
The Brew Crew is a celebration of 1st and 21st Amendments of the United States. The right to "free speech" and to "homebrew". The Brew Crew is a legion of extract, partial mash, and all-grain brewers who blog funny, witty and serious posts on a daily and not so daily basis. I will be asking these brewers a series of questions and posting their answers on a weekly basis.

Next, Beer Bits 2 has the mash paddle and he is from PA. BB2 has a wicked site full with slide shows, music, sweet pics and helpful information. You can visit him at

Cheers and Welcome to The Brew Crew!

1) When/Why did you start brewing?
In, 1994. Here is a link to a post I wrote about this at my first blog The Brew Lounge.

The Brewing Experience: Inspiration

Basically my father and grandfather made beer and wine and I wanted to follow in their footsteps. In the end it has brought me closer to my father :-)

2) When/Why did you start blogging?
August 2005 Here's a link to my first posts at The Brew Lounge in its early days...
The Brew Lounge Archives Aug 2005

Why? I wanted to share with people. Early in my career I was a computer programmer. That coupled with my interest in writing, teaching and home brewing provided me with the right skills and impetus. I truly believe that everybody should try to make their own beer and I would help them do it.

Also, when I get burned out on brewing I turn to developing the website for a while.

3) What is your favorite recipe/style to brew?
I brew ales for the most part. There are only a few recipes (literally) that I have brewed more than once. I'm always experimenting with new variations of recipes. Sometimes I stick with a particular yeast for several generations. Other times I just see what ingredients I have and see what styles I can brew with those ingredients. The most rewarding beer that I brew is a session beer for Thanksgiving. Part barley malt, part wheat malt with various yeasts. I empty a five gallon keg every year at our family's Thanksgiving party.

4) What is your favorite brewing technique to use?
Extract brewing is what I've landed on for now. The time commitments of all grain would take too much time away from family life.

5) What is your favorite piece of brewing equipment to use?
My soda kegs. I probably wouldn't brew if I couldn't keg.

6) What brewing technique do you want to learn next?
Mini mash would probably make the most sense. Either that or sour beers using brett and/or lacto. They take a very long time and lotsa patience to make.

7) Do you brew self-sustainable and/or organically?
I don't consciously make that choice yet. I do understand the value of organic foods and sustainable agriculture. I have considered buying organic malt extract from Norther Brewer. Perhaps my next purchase?

Bryan (from The Brew Lounge) and I have planted hops in our backyards without the use of pesticides :-) Again, not because it was organic though. This is an area I could explore more.

8) What is your favorite blog to read?
Another tough call ;-)
Homebrew - Ted's Homebrew Journal - Ted always has something interesting going on.
Beer - The Brew Lounge - Bryan does a great job of covering the Beer Scene locally and beyond (good friend too ;-)
Technology - Read Write Web - Richard MacManus writes about innovations and emerging technology

9) Are you a member of a brewing club or American Homebrew Association?
Yep since 2005 I think. All homebrewers should use their resources more.

10) What is your favorite brewery(s)?
World - Uerige Obergärige Hausbrauerei GmbH / Zum Uerige Germany
US - hard to choose...probably Victory or Three Floyds
BrewPub - US - Selins Grove in Selins Grove, PA

11) Do you want to turn pro or have you worked in a brewery? If so, which one(s).
I would love to, but, I don't think I could make enough money. Maybe someday :-) A hobby does not necessarily make a good profession.

12) In a perfect world which brewery would you like to be the brewmaster?
New Belgium, Dogfish Head, New Glarus and Ommegang....ok, ok...Ommegang. I love the location and they make good beer.


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