Thursday, January 28, 2010

Beer a day...that's alot of beer.

He did it! Well, actually his liver* did it. His goal was to drink a beer each day for a year, well he succeeded, amazing. I'm happy for his liver. Read about it here: Beer-a-Day project**

*I'm still amazed at his liver's performance, bravo...bravo...
**Yeah, I know this may be old news, but I just found it!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bavarian Braukaiser

If you like German beers and like brewing them, then you may be interested in this site I randomly came across Bavarian Brewing Museum.

It was an old german brewing book translated into different languages, plus some photos of old german brewing equipment.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Homebrewing gone big

A fellow Quaff member over the past year has put together a 3bbl system (~90gallons) over the past 8 months. Most of the equipment he got for free! The big mash tun/fermentation vessel he purchased for $100. Very impressive.

Bob mashing in

his son tending to the mash
w/view of entire system
his sage honey sorgum beer
(steam is from hot liquor tank)

mash tun/fermenter

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Nuevo Holiday...II

Pics from a run in the foothills of the Sandia Mts. (elevation: ~6000ft)

view from start of run

A decorated tree in the
middle of the mts.

view of Albuquerque, NM
from our turn around point

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Nuevo Holiday

Beers we enjoyed during the holidays

Santa Fe State Pen Porter
(Gold - 2008 World Beer Cup,
my fav)
Marble IPA
(almost...a hoppy west coast IPA)

Marble Red
(hoppy/caramel ale, delicious)

Sam Adams Noble Pils
(lots of noble hops & a delicious surprise)

Alesmith Speedway Stout
(aged 3 years,
still delicious & beautiful)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What is the best deal/oz?

Recently, I was sitting at a local brewery sipping on a pint when I saw many people in line purchasing pints & growlers of the same beer. This got me thinking, what is the best deal/oz? Is it a pint, growler, 22oz, or 6 packs? Below is the break down. Sure, there are many variables to consider other than price/oz, bust I'm trying to keep is simple. I'm using prices & packing that are fairly common nationwide.

6 packs (total 72oz's):
  • @ $7.00/6pack = .097 cents/oz
  • $8.00 = .111/oz
  • $9.00 = .125/oz
  • $10.00 = .138/oz
  • $12.00 = .166/oz

Growler (total 64oz's/half gallon):
  • @ $7.50/growler = .117 cents/oz
  • $8.00 = .125/oz
  • $9.00 = .140/oz
  • $10.00 = .156/oz
  • $12.00 = .187/oz

22oz bottle:
  • @ $3.50/22oz = .159 cents/oz
  • $4.00 = .181/oz
  • $5.00 = ..227/oz
  • $7.00 = .318/oz
  • $10.00 = .454/oz

Draft Pints (16oz):
6 packs seem to be the best deal when talking about purchasing the same beer in different packages. This was an exercise in numbers and what really is the best deal. Cheers!