Sunday, September 30, 2007

NLBC is born!

Yeah thats right you heard it here first! No Limits Brewing Co. brews its first beer today! We are a modest brewery with a 3 -5 gallon capacity. We plan to brew many beers ranging from authentic styles using authentic methods to out of the ordinary beers using unordinary ingredients.

For our first brew we decided to make a honey kolsh. A light beer made with a german malt, 3 different hops, and a german strain of yeast. This beer will be ready to drink in about 7 weeks.

To learn more about NLBC go to:

Raise a pint to NLBC!

A Cicerone?

In the wine world, the word "sommelier" designates those with proven expertise in selecting, acquiring and serving fine wine. Now, in the beer world there is a similar name given to the beer "know it all"...Cicerone. These days anyone can call themselves a beer sommelier it is now that the Cicerone Certification Program offers an independent assessment and certification so that industry professionals can be sure of the knowledge and skills possessed by current and prospective beer servers.

Origin of cicerone?
Cicerone is an English word referring to “one who conducts visitors and sightseers to museums and explains matters of archaeological, antiquarian, historic or artistic interest.” For beer, a Cicerone will possess the knowledge and skills to guide those interested in beer culture, including its historic and artistic aspects. “Cicerone” now designates a person with demonstrated expertise in beer who can guide consumers to enjoyable and high-quality experiences with great beer.

Ray Daniels, a veteren in the beer industry, is the creator and will run this program, write the syllabus, and exam questions. His recent book is Designing Great Beers.

For more information contact ray daniels @

Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm getting FORGED @ a beer party!

After recently coming back from vacation I have been invited to go to a BEER PARTY @ Alesmith!

Alesmith ( is one of the only brewing companies still left that bottle conditions all of their beers, they are also all natural and non-pasturized. This brewing company, like most, is located in a warehouse district and has only 4 employees. Found in 1995 by Peter Zien, a decorated homebrewer and BJCP Grand Master beer judge, he specializes in a variety of styles and offers multiple seasonal beers. All of its employees are homebrewers. Tonight they will offer Evil Dead Red (a fall seasonal), with some barrel-aged beer releases of 2005 Old Numbskull, 2005 Wee Heavy, and 2005 Decadence! Pure deliciousness... Also, a cask of 2006 Decadence will be much to choose from so little time.

There will be a full report of the events highlights afterwards...well not right after...

Get Forged at

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Beer Festivals

Upcoming beer festivals in San Diego:




I hope to make at least one of them...

Thursday, September 06, 2007


In 1765, the sign on the door is reported to have to have read:

  • No Thieves, Fakirs, Rogues, or Tinkers
  • No Skulking Loafers or Flea-Bitten Tramps
  • No Patting the Wenches
  • No Banging Tankards on the Table
  • No Dogs Allowed in the Kitchen
  • No Cockfighting
  • Flintlocks, Cudgels, Daggers and Swords to be handed to the Innkeeper for safe keeping
  • Bed for the night, 1 shilling
  • Stabling for horse, 1 pence
mmm...I'm not sure that times have changed...