Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Conked Out Oatmeal Stout

Here is the recipe from my last stout. It will be bottled today or tomorrow. Pic's will follow during it's first pour (~2 weeks). Cheers!

Conked Out Oatmeal Stout

Late Winter 2008
OG: 1.060 IBU: 36 ABV: 6%
Mash at 150 for 60', Boil 60', Ferment 66-68F (7days)

4.5# Maris Otter
3# 2-row
12oz Organic Oats
9.5oz Chocolate malt
9.5oz Victory malt
6.4oz Crystal 80
6.4oz Roasted barley 500L
HOPS: (using up my left over hops)
1/2oz Fuggles (4.2aau) (60')
1/2oz N. Brewer (4.2aau) (60')
1 oz Hallertauer (6.4aau) (60')
White Labs-Premium Bitter

This beer is aptly named due to having many problems during the brew session (luckily no problems during primary). Among the problems: during the run-off I had to leave to pick-up my girlfriend because her car broke down during rush hour, so as a result we named it "conked out oatmeal stout"! I had to let the run-off run, without anyone monitoring it, and as a result I only gathered ~3 1/4 gallons (I needed ~4). Once I got home I finished the beer cleaned up and passed out. 2 more weeks and I get to taste it!

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