Sunday, September 14, 2008

Turtle Mountain Wrap-up

I am now back from my trip back home and my day at Turtle Mtn. Brewery. It was an early start and a fun day. The brewers at TMBC treated me like a super star and made sure that my glass was always full. There were some delicious beers I had and some of my fav's were: The Bilsner Pilsner, an Imperial Pilsner named after wild bill "The man who sticks it to the man". Also, their IPA has won many awards and very drinkable. The Triple Play Pale Ale is also very drinkable, nice caramel flavors and balanced hop flavor/bitterness. And, their kolsch was clean with lots of flavor.

After drinking a couple pints I paid the piper in that I helped with grain out. (Pics to come). The brewery is fairly big and there is lots of room to move around without getting in each others way. I had a lot of fun and can not wait to get back and taste their newest creations. One experiement that they were trying was an IPA with muscat grape juice. That could be a tasty!

P.S. They also gave me two beers they bottled for experimentation: 1) their award winning IPA with oak 2) the Red Barn (a sour ale)

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