Friday, September 26, 2008

September Fermentation Friday!

Well, this month I am the host of Fermentation Friday, and the topic I chose was:

"What indigenous brewing ingredient have you used or would you like to brew with and what style would that beer be?"

It's never to late to contribute so to learn the rules of Fermentation Friday click HERE to learn more from Beer Bits 2 (the Creator!).

My indigenous brewing ingredient would be a type of food I grew up eating and is only found in a localized area, green chile! No, jalapenos I mean New Mexico Green Chile's. They are long, green (sometimes red) and can be found in mild, medium or hot spiciness. You can have this ingredient with anything eggs, burgers, pizza, quesadillas, pasta, burritos, steak well you name it. The green chili especially the extra hot version are very strong in flavor and can stand up to the caramelized flavors of grilled red meat. It is indigenous to southern New Mexico because NMSU germinated this tasty chile. Green chile is also healthy for you.

(antimicrobial capsaicin in chiles controls the growth of bad bacteries in our intestines. The capsaicin also stimulates tissues inside our stomach, widens the blood vessels, and fixes blood flow too, to prevent us from irritation. has the ability to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure)

Now, on to the beer! Naturally, in New Mexico there have been a few breweries who make green chili beer that range super spicy hot to a roasted green chile flavor. Their harvest beer there is the green chile beer, as the green chile is harvested this time of year. I have since moved from New Mexico, but often go back to get my fix as green chile is very addictive!

My recipe and style would naturally be a pale ale with the green chile added during the boil (seeds taken out). I would experiment with a small 1 gallon batch and add some green chile as a dry hop. I also think a saison, kolsch or fruit beer would make an interesting beer. For example: an apricot fruit beer with green chile would be tasty.

Where can you find New Mexico Green Chile? Since its a seasonal agricultural product it can be found in abundance in September and in New Mexico year round. Otherwise, your probably out of luck. Although, I have seen that Whole Foods market is selling the NM Hatch Green Chile as far as New York on a 1 day basis. Good luck on sourcing this limited product.

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Thanks for all who have contributed, please keep them coming as it is never to late, Indigenous Cheers to everyone!


Bryon said...

My entry, yes, pumpkin, that's what I came up with... I know, I know, I'm an original...

Adam said...

:-) At least you have an entry. I've been so busy I forgot to write mine up!

I like the "never too late" part.

marcus said...


write yours up and send it to me, i'll add it.