Thursday, September 18, 2008

September 26th is glorious FF!

Hello Fermentation Friday participants!
I will be hosting the next episode on the 26th. I wanted to choose a fun unique topic. One that would represent a bit of where you live. The special ingredient may be something that grows wild, is a (unique) agricultural product in your area or maybe you grow it yourself. So you here it is:

What indigenous brewing ingredient have you used or would you like to brew with and what style would that beer be?

Please provide some history and description of ingredient.

Submissions can be sent to:



Adam said...

Thanks Marcus. Sounds interesting. I like that you opened it up to what one "would like". I certainly have some ideas I can write about. See you on the 26th.

Damon said...

I made a couple of winter chanterelle beers in February and with all the rain around here in Vancouver now it's going to be a great year for regular Chanterelles.

I plan on trying them in a barley wine and also seeing how they interact with a belgian wheat yeast.

Adam said...


Here's the link to a description of Fermentation Friday. Fermentation Friday

Mushroom beer eh? Now that is something I've never heard of. Great post!

marcus said...

Yes, please join us next friday and do a write up on your chanterelle beer!