Saturday, September 20, 2008

2nd saturday at Hamiltons

Every 2nd Saturday Hamilton's Tavern, in South Park, celebrates a local brewery by ONLY serving their beers on their taps, including casks!

This time around was all 3 Pizza Ports! So much beer and NOT enough time.

Hamilton's Tavern in South Park, CA

Check Out the Tap List
(usually its a large chalkboard)

Pouring the cask beers

The cask runneth empty


Chemgeek said...

I would kill to have ready access to cask beer. I would.

So.... who do I need to kill?:)

marcus said...

Haha, you could start with the pint you have in your hand! Is there not any cask condition beers near you?

Adam said...

Hamilton's was really cool when I visited a while back. First time to the area for me and I was blown away by the great beer.

Good memories :-)