Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A very kolschey experiment

This weekend I finally decided to transfer the kolsch to the secondary, but in doing so I added two different types of honey to it. Currently, there is 3 gallons of kolsch, 1 gallon w/4oz clover honey, and 1 gallon w/4oz wildflower honey.

5 gallons of Kolscheyness Experimentess (or whatever)

The original taste of the kolsch was delicious. Upon initial taste it had a sweet flavor with a slight bready character and a slight wheat taste, quickly followed by an easy spalt hop spicy bitterness which quickly fades to a dry crisp flavor. With the addition of honey I noticed that the wildflower honey which was very aromatic darkened the kolsch from a bright gold to an medium amber color. The clover honey darkened slightly but not very much and was not as aromatic. My plan is to lager for 2 weeks at 45F, bottle and lager for another 2 weeks. I can't wait to taste/smell/see the difference.

(L) Wildflower Honey, (R) Clover Honey

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Chemgeek said...

Awesome, I cannot wait to hear the results. I did a Kolsch recently and it turned out very good... and also very gone in short order :(