Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Golden Fleece

Le Tour de France
It's all about the golden fleece, aka. Maillot Juane. Which means it must be July and its the Tour de France! Turn your T.V.'s to versus and watch the tour all month. Ok, this is not really a beer post, but think about all of the cool towns they ride through that BREW good beer!
My ride:
Giant TCR carbon monocoque frame w/non-matching grip tape
Notice the bar end caps: they are belgian beer corks!
What do you ride?...


Chemgeek said...

I can tell you what I DON'T ride.. The Kona mountain bike hanging in my garage.

I feel shame.

But before kids it WAS my car. I remember fondly riding my bike home from my beer store carrying two cases of beer. That was a bit tricky, but I did it.

marcus said...

WOW, two cases of beer, that is tricky and an art. I have only ridden with a 6-pack, I feel shame...