Monday, June 23, 2008

Beer Book

I have been reading a great book about american beer history it's called "Ambitious Brew" by Maureen Ogle published in 2006. The book starts out with the original fathers of beer, the Pabts, Millers, Busch and many others and how they endured migrating to america, assimilating, the struggles of prohibition, the world wars I and II, post-prohibition and ends with the beginning of craft beer revival. I am in chapter 6 of 8 and have learned that the original brewmasters learned and cared about their beer flavor and how it was pervieved by the public. Most of the original brewers also were original characters. After reading this book and knowing that Anhauser-Busch today may be bought out by a european conglomerate makes this an even more interesting read, very interesting. As LaVar Burton from Reading Rainbow states "Don't take my word for it".


The Bearded Brewer said...

I'm about halfway through this book and find it very interesting. Its very detailed and thorough. The history of the beer barons is really fascinating I think. Its not a book I've been able to read straight through, one to pick up on occasion and read, but very interesting.

marcus said...

Yes, with the technology of they had back then it seems that there must have been some pretty bad beer. It also interesting to read how the beer barons struggled to to compete over each other and how the economy affected each brewery at different times.