Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I found out today that I was able to volunteer at the GABF. Yes, that's right the Great American Beer Festival!!! I will be working wednesday-friday. If the GABF is anything like the World Beer Cup I am in for a treat. I can't wait! I would like to thank my homebrew club, QUAFF, for helping me get in and the GABF for having me. I'm thirsty already.


Chemgeek said...

Drat, had I not impregnated my wife (the baby is due around GABF time) I would have been in attendance at the GABF.

Congrats, enjoy. drink one for me.

marcus said...

Well, congrats goes out to you and I wish you well around GABF time. I will have one for you. Cheers!

Brad said...

Are you judging or will you be at a booth pouring?

I was at the GABF last year for the Sam Adams LongShot competition, so I got entry to all 4 sessions.

My first advice is to try not to go crazy the first night, because if you're there a few days, you have more than enough time to sample plenty of brew.

My second advice is to plan out the breweries that you really want to hit. There are a bunch of worthless brewpubs that make crap beer who exhibit there, and it's too easy to waste time at those booths getting drunk on swill when there are much better beers available.

Either way, though, have fun! I doubt I'll make it out there this year (I travel frequently for work, so I might try to shoot out there for the Thursday session in conjunction with a work trip), but if I do I'll let you know.

marcus said...

I will be working as a steward serving beer to the judges, which is fun for many reasons. 1) you get to interact with the judges and hear their comments as they decide who gets medals. 2) After the 1st and 2nd rounds beers get put on a "tasting" table which means the stewards get to sample the exact beers that the judges did and also get to sample the same medal winning beers.

I quickly learned at the WBC to not go overboared the first day. My only problem is I have a 1/2 ironman 2 weeks later, so I will have to be training and I am not sure how/where I will be doing that yet.

Let me know if you decide to head up there.


Dave said...

I filled out the volunteer form for the GABF a while back but have not heard back yet. Were you a former volunteer from past years? Just curious how you got selected so early. chipper5711 [at] comcast dot net.