Thursday, May 01, 2008

World Beer Cup Wrap-up

After two weeks of getting over the carziness of the World Beer Cup I still feel as if I need more rest. It was so much fun, yet so very tiring. But, I will do it again in a heart beat! In fact I plan on going to the next GABF and WBC in 2010 in Chicago. Here is a small bit of what I can remember right now of who I met and what happened.

I was able to meet many "rockstars" in the industry, both professional and homebrew. People like John Palmer, the More Beer guys, the Brewing Netowork crew, and many other QUAFF members in my club who have won many prestigous awards. In the professional ranks I was able to meet Tomme Arthur from Port Brewing/Lost Abbey, Peter Broukart from New Belgium, Jeff Bagby from Pizza Port, Nico, Mark, & Bill from Turtle Mt. brewing (my hometown), Jeff Jinnett from Chama River brewing & Marble brewery (from my hometown & won two medals). I also got to talk to and meet a few brewers from the east coast JT at Smuttynose Brewering, Jason Perkins headbrewer - Allagash.
You must visit there website as they are brewing up a spontaneous beer, which they have documented on there website. I also have a beer called "Innoculator" that I scored at the WBC, which was never sold, it was an experimental. I can't wait to try it.

This is what stands out for now. Thank you to everyone whom I met at the WBC and I can't wait to hang with you guys again at the 08' GABF. Everyone came here for the beer, but in the end it was the human interaction that made the event and experience. Thanks for making it so fun and memorable!

Below is a list of my new favorite breweries to check out!
Bull & Bush brewery
Upland brewery
Midnight Sun brewery
Allagash brewery (already liked those guys, but have a renewed interest due to their recent experimentation)


Chemgeek said...

A friend and I had plans to attend the GABF '08. We had it all figured out: spousal permission (after intense negotiations), housing (staying with friends), transportation plans (all nighters there and back). It was perfect....

...until I got my wife knocked up. The baby is due in the middle of October. Right during GABF days!!!

What was I thinking???

Wait, oh yeah, I know exactly what I was thinking, but now I have to deal with the consequences. Oh well, there's always 2009.

Brad said...

I'm in Denver regularly on business, and usually try to hit up the Falling Rock Tap House while I'm there. They've always got a few Bull & Bush beers on tap.

And I was out in Omaha a few months ago, so we checked out Upstream Brewing (I think you're referring to Upstream, not Upland Stream). Very nice beers, and the food there at the brewpub is really nice, too.

marcus said...

Thanks right Upland brewing.