Thursday, May 08, 2008

Beer #5

World Beer Cup Beer
Oskar Brewing Co.
Dale's Pale Ale
Lyons, CO

Appearance: Light copper/amber with white head persisting. Clear

Aroma: Light cascade -like aroma, citris/earthy

Mouthfeel: Medium

Flavor: Creamy with caramel notes, follwed by bitter aftertaste & dry finish

Overall: Great balance & complexity, as it starts sweet with caramel notes and is followed with a hoppy flavor, aroma, bitterness. Great version of an american west coast pale ale. Balanced and tasty enough that you can't taste the alcohol (6.5% abv).


Brad said...

That's a great beer.

They make a couple other really good ones, but they're not really my style (too sweet). Dale's Pale Ale, though, is perfectly balanced for my tastes.

marcus said...

Yes, it was very tasty and balanced. Oskar blues will now be selling there beer in CA and I can't wait to take themt to the beaches!!!

David said...

Dude, great friggin' beer. Out of a can nonetheless. I haven't been let down by anything OB has done, from TenFidy to Old Chub. In fact, I have a Gordon in the fridge ready to crack/rate tomorrow.

so what else id the WBC send home with you, Russian River Pliny???

(If it did, don't post. The jealousy could probably kill me.)


marcus said...

Sadly there was no Pliny, but there is some delicious hoppiness to come and many other great styles/breweries!