Monday, May 12, 2008

Beer #7

World Beer Cup Beer
F.X. Matt Brewing Co.
Saranac Imperial IPA

Label states: 10 malts & 10 different hops were used It has 85IBU's and 8.5% abv. This is the first in the series of high peak series of beers that are bigger, more complex and flavorful. These beers are meant to be sipped and savored.

Appearance: Orange hue, with white head that clings to the side

Aroma: citris, sweet, bready, orange citris aroma

Mouthfeel: light to medium

Taste: Alcohol is dominant flavor (giving it a sweet taste) followed by abrasive bitterness and a hint of caramel flavor. There seems to be so much hops in this that it has an oily texture. There is a semi-dry finish & a lingering bitterness aftertaste.

Overall: Malt backbone seems to be hidden by alcohol and hop bitterness/flavor leaving this IIPA kinda unbalanced for my taste. I'm on the fence with this one, especially with the it leaving an oily texture in my mouth. I'm glad I got to try this beer and would drink this one again, but not anytime soon. This beer was true to its label "a beer to be sipped and savored", that I did.

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