Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Beer #8

World Beer Cup Beer
Alt Platz Brewery

Appearance: Dark red with no head present, there was very minimal carbonation.

Aroma: a mix of diacetyl and medicinal aromas

Mouthfeel: medium

Flavor: I get phenolic, medicinal, plastic (band-aid), metallic flavors. There are some hints of nutty, maple, chocolate flavors followed by a slight bitterness. There seems to be something very wrong about this beer.

Overall: After tasting this brew I became curious about the brewery. After a quick review I found the brewery may not be a brewery? They have a wierd website. Anyway, it seems to have been fermented at a high temperature and/or needs healthy yeasts and finally may have some serious infection issues. This beer also seems to have a homebrew quality character to it, kinda like it's a 100% extract brew. I have to dump out this beer!!! I hope I don't have to do this more often in the future... :( Alt Platz, NEIN!

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