Friday, May 09, 2008

Beer #6

Appearance: Orange/amber white head dissipates quickly, clings to glass, hazy

Aroma: Citrus, hoppy aroma, grapefruit like, very floral, earthy. Aroma was a bit weak.

Mouthfeel: medium

Taste: very bitter, but very drinkable, malty caramel backbone followed by a building bitterness aftertaste and finishes semi-dry. Earthy, hoppy, with alcohol notes and drinkable for a double IPA.

Overall: Another great beer from Pizza Port. Hop bitterness was present but not abrasive and the malty background was not masked. Although the aroma was on the weak side, I thought it made this beer more approachable. I would drive to San Clemente to drink another pint of this!!!

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