Friday, April 04, 2008

Getting Forged - II

There is a lot happening this weekend, starting with today at 4:00 is time to get forged at Alesmith Brewing. Occasionally, they have a small release party in the back of their brewery, where all of the brewers pour you the beers they made. They always do something fun like serve the same beer out of a beer engine and on a regular tap. They do taste different. They are one of the few breweries who bottle all of their beers unfiltered.

Also, tomorrow I will be helping a friend brew his first all-grain batch. We will be using my set-up and I think I will try to brew a batch for myself after we move his batch into the kettle. It will take some planning, more equipment and more time, but should be fun. If I brew I will be brewing a honey kolsh.

Pics to come of all the above

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