Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beer #2

Beer #2
(from the World Beer Cup loot)
BJ's restaurant and brewery Pride of Calcutta IPA- Oxnard, CA

There is not much on this beer on the website and nowhere to contact the brewer. This is supposed to be an American IPA version. Here is my take below:

Aroma: fruity, hoppy, slightly toasty
Apperance: golden amber, slight head that dissapates quickly to a ring and sticks to glass, cloudy (this was an unfiltered ale)
Flavor: Medium-high bitterness, malt flavor is biscuity, spicy, bready, toffee. Hop flavor similar to aroma.
Mouthfeel: Medium
Overall Impression: Has english characteristics in malt flavor, aroma and appearance. Lacks american hop character to be considered a solid american IPA. Althouth, it may not be exotic it was tasty.

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Brad said...


Are you going to make it to the SoCal Homebrew Festival next weekened? If so, look me up. I'll be with the Brewcommune guys.

marcus said...

No, i will not be able to make it as I will be racing a triathlon that weekend near Paso Robles, which means I will hopefully be visiting the Firestone Brewery!!!

But, I will be at the Del Mar commercial/homebrew contest in june.

Do you have beers entered?

Brad said...

The entries for the homebrew portion of the SD County Fair comp aren't due until 5/21. I'll definitely be entering 2-3 beers.