Sunday, April 06, 2008

Double BrewDay - Update

Coolers & Kettles
The Aftermath -

Well, there are always first and lasts. Yesterdays, brewday had alot of firsts. It was long, had many problems, and was fun.

First, my friend Steve failed to read the correct side of the thermometer. He read Celsius instead of fahrenheit, ahhhh, which lead us to miss our target temp by 12 degrees. OUCH! We also had a stuck mash, which I need to fix by adding a screen under my makeshift false bottom.

The Fix (clogged valve)

The Mash

Hot barley explodes

The Final Product
Kolsch (L), Belgian Pale Ale (R)


Travis said...

That Kolsch yeast is really aggressive. It requires a long secondary, but once it settles down, it clears up nicely. You just have to give it time and cool temp to slow it down.

Chemgeek said...

I have a Kolsch in the garage right now (35-50° F this time of year) in a secondary. I'm hoping for a lot of clearing. Right now, it is very cloudy.

Tonight I added some gelatin.

I don't mind cloudy beer, but I'm not making a wheat beer here.

Let us know how the Kolsch turns out.