Sunday, February 15, 2009

Old Fashioned Donnybrook Recipe

Awhile ago I made an oatmeal stout that tasted great, but not so well during bottling. After some thought I will try that recipe one again with some minor changes. I'm looking for the grains to showcase this beer and have the hops support it. The yeast (WLP-002) should leave some sweetness to the beer, as it has a 70% attenuation in ideal conditions. And, of'course there may be a 1 gallon experiment, now I just need to secure the "special" ingredient.

Old Fashioned Donnybrook
(aka. Oatmeal Stout II
Mash:154 IBU's:36 OG:1.055 FG:1.014

9.5# Pale ale malt
1 Flaked (old fashioned) Oats (toasted)
3/4 Chocolate malt
3/4 Victory
1/2 Crystal 80L
1/2 Roasted barley

Galena 60'

WLP-002 English Ale


Victoria said...

Hi! I saw my flickr-photostream on your blog :) Thanks for bringing some traffic my way! Great blog!

marcus said...

I'm glad you like the site. I like your photos, I only wish that I could read your blog...:(. I don't read/speak swedish. Despite that fact I hope to keep up with your blog through pictures.


Victoria said...

You can use google-translate, it's not the best translation but you will get an idea what we are writing about :)