Monday, January 26, 2009


(l) WLP-810, (r) Saflager S-23
Today, I bottled the 2 Steam Beers. One w/WLP 810 San Fran. Lager and the other Saflager S-23 dry lager yeast. Every variable was the same except for: #1) different yeast (White Labs 810 vs Saflager S-23), #2) amount of yeast pitched into the wort (1 WLP-810 vial into 4gallons vs Saflager (1) packet into 1 gallon). The WLP fermented to FG 1.015, while the Saflager FG was 1.012.

How did they taste @ bottling?

Color: same. Aroma: both were bready, w/hints of hop aroma/bitterness. I think WLP-810 has a slight fruitiness, which is what the yeast is famous for; a lager taste w/a slight ale character. WLP-810= Clean lager taste w/bready character and clean bitterness followed by a dry aftertaste. Saflager= clean lager taste and a noticable subdued malty/bitterness and hop flavor, it finishes with a dry aftertaste.
Saflager S-23: OG: 1.012

Overall: The beers seemed to look, smell, taste similar until they were tasted side by side. The Saflager seems to have more of a "lager" feel, a subdued malty/hop character, while the WLP-810 definetly had the characteristics of an ale and lager. I guess no surprises here. They are both highly drinkable and compliment the spring weather we currently have here in San Diego!!! I can't wait to taste the final product and compare these beers to my friends steam beer, whom used the same recipe, but used different (n. brewer) hops. When I make this beer again I will use the WLP-810 and I think I would use the Saflager S-23 for an altbier or any other lager for that matter.
WLP-810: F.G. 1.015

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