Friday, January 30, 2009

Fermentation Friday - Janurary

This months topic is "brew year’s resolutions’ for 2009". For this year I decided to keep it simple and only choose 5 resolutions. They are:

1) Brew every 4-6 weeks (didn't do this last year)

2) Brew/learn more about lagers, brewing water & master balanced styles (I now have a lagering system)

3) Update/organize my blog more frequently (w/text & pics) (I went in spurts last year)

4) Enter (a few) competitions (never got the timing right last year)

5) Purchase grain/hops in bulk (& find a place to store them) (make it cheaper)


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Dave said...

I missed posting for Fermentation Friday last week so I'll post some Brew Year resolutions here:

I've already completed one resolution already and that was to get back into Homebrewing again. I brewed up my first batch on Jan 10th and bottled it just last week.

Other than that, I vow to improve my brewing techniques and simplify things as much as possible.

I also hope to remember to test out all of my homebrewing equipment thoroughly before using it - I've had a couple snafus happen by not checking for leaks with tubes and such before actually using it.

I also vow not to assume I've followed a recipe correctly without checking it out completely. My porter recipe turned out looking more like a light amber than a porter.

I also plan to grow some of my own hops this year just for fun. The Colorado climate can be very hot and dry during the summer so I'm going to have to deal with that but I believe I can get some hops to grow in my side yard.

Cheers! Happy brewing in 2009.