Friday, February 29, 2008

Competition is Healthy

Today, I will skip the usual "Fever for the Flavor Friday" and talk briefly about a few things.

First, the weather is starting to have a warming trend here in San Diego, which means, more riding/commuting on my bike and less time spent in my car. (Hopefully, not less brewing)

Second, pictures will soon come of my sweet lager box. I can get the temp. down to 40-45 during the end of last summer. (After I make a few small improvements, it may get lower)

Third, there are a couple homebrew contests upcoming, so enter your beers! Here are a few in my neck of the woods:

2008 Mayfaire (in L.A.) $7/entry

4/25-4/26 (last day to enter 4/11) - $9/entry
NHC 1st Round - Southwest Region (San Diego)

6/22 - $7/entry
San Diego County State Fair Comp.

Results of AFC are at:

Sam Adams Longshot - FREE

Entries Due: 5/2 - $7/entry
Extract Beers (50% extract or more)

Imperial Anything - entries due sept. - $7/entry
held by C.R.A.F.T. in MI

Celebration of the Hop - due in Nov. - $7/entry
held by Scioto Olentangy and Darby Zymurgists

1 comment:

Brad said...

Oh, don't forget the Sam Adams Longshot...

I'm going to do the OC Fair, I'll probably end up doing the SD Fair as well, since in Dana Point I'm pretty much already there...