Thursday, February 07, 2008


Well, there has been a lack of post lately and the culprit is work. I have been working quite a bit lately and have not been posting or brewing. I was also helping alot over the weekend and all day tuesday campaining and trying to get people to vote! It was a long day, but a very fun and enriching. With the race so close, and far from being decided, there is still a lot of work ahead and I will be helping out until the end. So if your state has yet to hold its primary, PLEASE GO & VOTE!!!

Although, I have been working very part-time at a brewery which is hard work and very fun. Recently, I helped bottle an Imperial IPA and it smelled delicious as there was a nice hop smell permeating in the air. Mmmmm!

As this lack of post has let me think a bit of where and how I want to use Final Gravity. Should it be a blog with no clear direction? A blog about beer only? Hhmm, I think I want it to be a blog about my passions. Beer & bicycles.

So in the future you will see posts of beers, bicycles and how these passions are involved in my life.

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