Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Oregon Beer Co...hmm sounds familiar

Portland and the Boston Beer Co. have a 'not so good' history. Many years ago when the craft beer market was starting to boom Boston Beer Co. started a co. called the Oregon Beer Co. that sold its beers in and around Oregon. Oregoneons were at first proud of the local beer until they found out that the beer was not made by the Oregon Beer Co., nor was it even based in Oregon. As it turns out the Oregon Beer Co. was owned by the Boston Beer Co. and the 11 beers under its label were contract brewed by a company in Cincinnati, Ohio. Coincedentally, that is where all Sam Adams labels are produced. Although, the Oregon Beer Co. no longer exhist. These days the Boston Beer Co. has their labels produced by other breweries around the U.S., such as in North Carolina by Miller brewing and in Latrobe, PA by owned by city brewing in Lacrosse, WI.

As one oregon native states: "Epicurious does a great disservice to consumers and to Oregon by promoting a company that misrepresents itself to the consumers in such a blatant way"

There is much to learn of what goes on behind the scenes of the beer market.

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