Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm getting FORGED @ a beer party!

After recently coming back from vacation I have been invited to go to a BEER PARTY @ Alesmith!

Alesmith ( is one of the only brewing companies still left that bottle conditions all of their beers, they are also all natural and non-pasturized. This brewing company, like most, is located in a warehouse district and has only 4 employees. Found in 1995 by Peter Zien, a decorated homebrewer and BJCP Grand Master beer judge, he specializes in a variety of styles and offers multiple seasonal beers. All of its employees are homebrewers. Tonight they will offer Evil Dead Red (a fall seasonal), with some barrel-aged beer releases of 2005 Old Numbskull, 2005 Wee Heavy, and 2005 Decadence! Pure deliciousness... Also, a cask of 2006 Decadence will be much to choose from so little time.

There will be a full report of the events highlights afterwards...well not right after...

Get Forged at

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