Sunday, December 13, 2009

Chillin @ QUAFF

Last night was the infamous QUAFF holiday party. So much beer on hand both homebrew and commercial. It was good to recognize so many beer fanatics. AGAIN, I forgot to bring my camera, I need to remedy that. All the major players of the brew scene were there, Alesmith, SD Brewco and Sean @ Chillindamos. He is doing fantastic things recently like brewing 40 gallons of homebrew (40 gallons!) and making fantastic brews with agave. Word on the street is he has sourced an american oak barrel, I can't wait to see what he does with that. Maybe a blog-o-collaboration brew in the future with Chillindamos...?

The beers that stood out last night were, Goose Island Bourbon Stout, Deschutes Black Butte, Alesmith 2010 Decadence (more on that another time), and SD BrewCo.'s collaboration IPA. The best homebrew a Pilsner.

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Driving trip back to NM

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