Monday, October 01, 2007

Update Alesmith Party

The Alesmith party that we everything I wanted it to be and more. Beer, beer, and more beer! The event was low key so there were no long lines and no annoying drunk people. Although you had to purchase tickets ($1/ticket) it was odd that all beers were 3 tickets. Would it not be better if the tickets were $3 each and 1 ticket/beer?

There was the opportunity to try many different styles of beer at the brewery and to purchase bottles to take home. Having already tried some of their beers I decided to go for a seasonal brew named "Decadence". The beer was delicious and have found a new favorite. The version of Decadence that we tried was an Old Ale style, a very rich malty and smooth taste, with chocolate and barrel-aged notes. There was also a very mild bitterness. The beer was very complex and can only get better with age. My second ale was the Grand Cru, a belgian strong ale, it uses trappist yeast and dark belgian candi sugar it too has a pronounced malty aroma and is nicely balanced with the hops. This complex beer had tasting notes of sweet, tangy, and some bitterness. Nicely done.

To take home I purchased their Wee Heavy to age (~1yr), and the Yulesmith winter seasonal. Tasting notes soon to come.

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